Some Thoughts on Morality and Immorality

Some people just know how to say it…Thank you, Don!

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We ended up last time with the information from Scripture on what sexual morality is and why, and as we have seen sexual morality has everything to do with bearing the image of God in our bodies as well as in soul and spirit. We have also seen that sexual morality is the very image and likeness of the union between Christ and His church, for the two become One.

Yes, dear reader, this whole subject is an apocalyptic element.

The question we ended with is “What are we going to do with this information?”

I would suggest that the first thing we do with it is to recognize that once we know what is moral, we also know what is not and thus we know what is immoral. There is no reason for me to fill your screen with a list of immoral practices, for this would really be…

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