Julian of Norwich

“Showings (The Long Text)” by Julian of Norwich was a challenge for me. It took me two or three reads to really get what she (yes, she) was saying.  During my first reading, I was completely repelled by the mysticism and Mary-worship but after a friend advised me to read it with the mindset of the time, the book became a marvel!  Julian’s expression of God’s love for us and how He works in our lives is spectacular!

The_church_of_SS_Andrew_and_Mary_-_St_Julian_of_Norwich_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1547398  “Aha” moments for me in the book:

I was very taken with Julian’s expression of our life on earth as being our penance for not being obedient and for being sinful. It is supposed to be a struggle punctuated with breaths of joy, which keep us motivated to persevere to the end prize – being forever in Heaven with Jesus.


…So I saw that God is our true peace;…And so when by the operations of mercy and grace we are made meek and mild, then we are wholly safe. Suddenly the soul is united to God, when she is truly pacified in herself, for in him is found no wrath.(265)


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